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Benefits Of 1-800-ESCORTS
1-800-ESCORTS is instantly memorized!
Customers will quickly remember Your number and refer friends to your Escort services.
With 1-800-ESCORTS customers will call your Escort agency First!
1-800-ESCORTS makes your advertising more effective.
1-800-ESCORTS will position your escort service as the leader in the marketplace.
Many Escort services have signed on and some generate over 100 calls a day.

A list of client's phone numbers who called 1-800-ESCORTS will be sent to your Agency every month, and these calls will not show on client's phone bills since it is a toll-free number.
Benefits of a Vanity Number
Vanity numbers are easier to remember than a numerical telephone number.
Companies using Vanity Numbers report increased response rates of 30% or more.

With easy to remember Vanity Numbers calls continue to come in months after an advertising campaign or promotion has ended.
Benefits of a Toll Free Number
Set yourself apart from the competition with a professional toll free number.

Customers can call from anywhere… hotels, offices, private homes, cell phones and pay phones.
Toll free numbers are discreet and do not appear on your customer’s phone bills.
Toll Free Number Facts
More than 50 percent of the long- distance calls in the U.S. are actually toll free calls.
90% of Americans say they use toll free numbers.
More than one- third of Americans estimate that they make 60 or more toll free calls per year.

Toll free calling generated an estimated $157 billion in annual sales of goods and services in 1997.
800 numbers in print, catalog and online advertising
58% of magazine ads contain a toll- free number, with 82% using the 800 prefix.

34% of magazine ads with toll- free numbers display them prominently, versus only 15% of internet address displays.

84% of current Internet users search for product or service information online in order to make a toll free call purchase.
A Bellcore study reveals that 800 number ads outperform local-number ads by six to one.

The average phone order from a catalog can be 30% to 70% higher than the average mail order.

Because telephone buyers use credit cards, they order more merchandise and higher ticket items 95% of the time.
A productive ad featuring an 800 number can generate approximately 30% more orders.

Fund- raising organizations have increased their response approximately 25% by adding an 800 number in commercials, print ads or direct mail pieces.
800 numbers in tv and radio commercials

Twenty- four percent of television commercials contain a toll- free number, 91% use the 800 prefix; 57% are vanity numbers.
Seventy- nine percent of commercials with toll- free numbers display the number prominently.
Forty percent emphasize the number with a voice-over by an announcer.

Only 19% of the commercials featuring toll- free numbers are time sensitive (``act now'' or ``limited time'').

National advertisers are using vanity numbers more than numeric ones, and local advertisers use them about half the time.
The top time slot is late afternoon/ early evening.

79% of 15 second commercials with toll- free numbers use vanity numbers, as do 75% of 30 second commercials.

In a tv campaign test of 1 800 PRODIGY versus their numeric 800 number, the vanity number pulled 25% more response, over a 24 hour longer period of time.

After running 1 800 JEEP EAGLE in tv commercials, follow-up determined that within twelve months of the first call to the number, 50% of callers converted to a sale, buying either a Jeep Eagle, or a comparable brand, concluding that the vanity number triggered more qualified leads.

In a recent study, radio ads with a vanity 800 number drew fourteen times more calls than those with a numeric 800 number.
800 numbers for Customer Service
To decrease returns by as much as 50%, use an 800 number on product literature.

Companies who take orders by fax realize as much as 40% order increase by having an 800 number publicized.
Adding an 800 number to your e-mail signature will increase productivity.
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